Access control system for fitness businesses

Take control of your business

What is an access control system?

We have an integral solution for your business

Stop worrying about who enters your fitness business. Leave it in the hands of Trainingym hardware and software.

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Now your customers will also be able to access with the new facial recognition system!


The most secure, reliable, and non-transferable system

  • Stores +20,000 faces locally.
  • If the internet goes down, it operates efficiently, updating every 3 seconds with the server.
  • In less than 1 second, it verifies that the customer is up to date with payments.
Lots of advantages

What are the benefits of an access control system?

More security

Only your customers can enter your facilities

Less expenses

You don't need to hire a receptionist for access control


Have real-time data on the occupation of your facilities

Payments up to date

Non-paying customers have restricted access and are easy to detect.

Integral solution

No need for third party software, the turnstile is integrated with our software.


Customers can access with wristband, card, key fob or QR code.

Acess control devices


Our turnstiles offer you an effective and integral solution for access control to your fitness business. They automatically connect to our software and allow or restrict access to customers based on their account status or a rule of your choice. No need for additional software, easy and effective!


Customized wristbands

Your customers can use wristbands to access your facilities. They simply have to slide them through the turnstile and they will be able to access the center... if their payments are up to date!

Of course, you can customize the wristbands to your liking, choosing the color and adding your logo.


Customized cards

If you prefer the more traditional option, we have access cards available for your fitness business. You can customize them to your liking and your customers will be able to access them by passing them through the turnstile, immediately. 


QR code

Do you want to modernize? Avoid that your customers forget their cards or wristbands at home and having to open them manually! Now from your App they can request their QR code, single-use, which is destroyed in a few seconds (so they can't give it to anyone else).

With just their smartphone, they will always have guaranteed access to the center. Isn't it super convenient?


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