The technological tool for gyms and gym chains 

Trainingym is the ally for attracting more clients, building loyalty with those you already have, saving time in the management of your business, and strengthening your brand. We are not just software, we are your strategic partner. 

With more than 1,200 clients worldwide 


Access all the relevant metrics of your gym with just one click: attendance reports, potential clients, payments, satisfaction index... and everything you need to know to keep improving your business. There is no room for improvement if you don’t gather data so... what are you waiting fot? 

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Whether your customer wants to book PT sessions or classes, the Trainingym App is the solution you are looking for. Your clients can book, cancel, and modify their sessions, schedule appointments with nutritionists or physiotherapists, or book a swimming lane in the pool. You decide how you want to configure it! 

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Personalized workouts 

Can you offer personalized workouts to your clients within their membership? Thanks to the Trainingym App, you can do it without needing more resources. Create pre-defined workout templates and assign them to your clients. They can watch the exercise videos and perform them on their own in the fitness room. 

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