The best integrated solution for gym chains

Cadena,discover the solution that your locations need to attract more customers, build customer loyalty like never before and increase revenue.  


How to build customer loyalty?

✔︎ Automated welcome process thanks to the virtual coach: the technology that welcomes the client, surveys them and detects the risk of churn

✔︎ Thanks to the automation of workout routines,your clients will be able to self-assign them whenever they want directly from the app. 

✔︎ Thanks to the reports you will be able to know everything that is happening in real time in each centre: your clients, your staff, your services... All the data you need to make the best strategic decisions! You will even be able to know which clients are going to leave you in the coming months thanks to Artificial Intelligence

✔︎ Access control via QR code, NFC and tablets.   

✔︎  All the marketing tools you need to create the best engagement campaigns. Free SMS, email marketing, advertisements on your chain's app, push notifications... All this without leaving Trainingym

✔︎  Your own personalized App, one for you to offer the best experience to your customers and one for your staff.  

✔︎ Your activities completely in your business app, and with the possibility of adding a booking system: Define schedules, space, instructor... and they will automatically appear in your site's app! 

✔︎ Automated system for tracking the progress of each of your clients: body composition records, and the most innovative weigh-ins thanks to  Trainingym Balance.


Monetize and increase your average ticket, show how powerful your chain is!

We help you monetize your services and show you the reasons why you can increase the average ticket of your customers 

✔︎ With Trainingym Payments, you will be able to offer and sell all those complementary services available at your locations (physiotherapy sessions, nutritionists...). 

✔︎ If any of your sites do not have a nutritionist, Trainingym provides you with a complete nutrition module with automated diets.

✔︎ If you want to make your chain profitable, we present our Wellness Store, a marketplace where you can offer your customers a wide range of products and services.


Get new clients in your locations

We have everything you need to get new clients at your gym's different locations 

✔︎ Set up your own fully customizable transactional website from Trainingym Manager, no need for third party apps! 

✔︎ With the marketing tools, you can create fully customized campaigns to attract new customers (SMS, email marketing, in-app ads...). 

✔︎ With our NPS system and recommendations, you can measure the satisfaction rate of your customers and become a reference for future partners of your sites. 

✔︎ In addition, Trainingym provides you with several toolkits to help you manage your centers and make you successful. 


Choose the plan that best adapts to your sites and discover all the possibilities 







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Trainignym facilitates the development of processes, the planning of resources and favors interactions, increasing customer engagement. 

Aurelio Aragonés
Director, BeOne Boadilla
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Trainignym is a powerful tool that allows us to generate numerous conversions of potential customers into active customers.  

Boris Tapia
Manager, SportClub
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Trainignym is an important enhancer for customer retention as well as the perfect tool for both trainers and management.  

Amando Zamora
Sports Director, Club Alpha

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