Improve your revenue and your customers' lives without even realizing

Thanks to AI, your customers will receive the best recommendations for products and services, and you'll get a commission on every purchase!

What is the Wellness Store?

It's not just an online store, it's a system of product and service recommendations integrated into yournegocio Trainingym app that helps improve the lives of your clients and, as a result, they will stay with you longer.

Your clients will be able to see their Wellness Boost, a wellness index based on their data, and the Wellness Store will recommend products and services to improve it.


Millions of data. A single app

We have developed an algorithm with more than 250 variables and millions of complementary data so that the Wellness Store of your negocio fitness Trainingym offers the best recommendations to your clients.  

Welcome to the 21st century, negocio.


No intrusive communication

We will never contact your clients to encourage them to use the Wellness Store. We want them to be the ones to discover its benefits and how useful it can be for them 

What products and services does the Wellness Store recommend?

Only those that improve your clients' holistic health and, therefore, their well-being 


Physical Activity

The best way to get in shape at home or at the fitness center. 



From bars to highly elaborated food. Everything 100% healthy 



Because resting in the best conditions is also part of training.

cinco-verticales_salud emocional

Emotional health

Only good recommendations to have Mens sana in corpore sano 



Products and services that improve your clients' self-esteem and their esteem for your business 


Earn more with less effort

Negocio fitness, just activate the Wellness Store in your business app and don't worry about it. Customers will come to it on their own and the revenue will come to your pocket, and you'll earn up to 15% commission on every purchase!  

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