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Fitness business, through Trainingym hardware you will optimize resources and offer a better service to your customers

Customizable bracelets

Proximity bracelets are ideal for your clients to access yourfitness businessand validate your reservation in activities or areas in a comfortable way and without contact.

Thanks to them, you will have the capacity controlled at any time and your customers will feel safer in the center. In addition, you can customize them with the logo and color of your club!

300 uds. | 2 €/ud.
300 a 500 uds. | 1,8 €/ud.
500 a 1000 uds. | 1,6 €/ud.
> 2000 uds. | 1,4 €/ud.

*Minimum order 300 units. Prices + IVA (Spain).

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Balance Scales

Do you want the people enrolled in your center to be able to measure their evolution and achieve their goals? Make it easy for them with this smart body analysis scale.

It will also allow them to synchronize all their information with the app of your business,so that their satisfaction will improve and they will want to stay longer in your center.

59,90 €/ud. + IVA (Spain).



The most practical way to validate access to the center and to each of the activity rooms in your center. Your clients will be able to quickly see what activity will take place in the room and all the related information.

But not only that! You will improve the productivity of your team and obtain valuable quantitative data to know the performance of your classes.

450 €/ud. + IVA (Spain).

Totem Touch

Whether they have the app of your center or not, your clients will be able to check the offer of group activities and reserve their places or exercise machines in the class they want to attend.

Through the totem, your clients will be able to consult their training routines and visualize the correct execution of the exercises.

1200 €/ud. + IVA (Spain).

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Thanks to Trainingym technology your customers stay longer, you attract new ones and your income just keeps increasing, .


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