Trainingym Booking

Provide a 100% secure and personalized experience to your customers. Monitor their satisfaction, room capacity and bookings in real time.  

Reduce empty spaces and make your customers happier!

Your customers will be able to conveniently check availability and book the activity or room for free use from the app.  

They will also receive a reminder on their calendar, reducing the risk of losing available spots.  


Live attendance control

Through access validation with QR code or proximity tablet, you and your staff will have control of the capacity at all times.  

In addition, it will allow you obtain valuable quantitative data of the center and take the best decisions to ensure compliance with the established measures.  

Manage everything from the dashboard


Coordinate your team and their agenda   

Manage your staff easily and efficiently by organizing activity schedules and assigning sessions to each employee 


Get qualitative data  

Your customers will receive a satisfaction survey to let you know the quality of your services, which activities are working best or which instructor they like the most 

Keep an individualized control  

You will be able to check in real time who accesses your gym and the average time spent. You will have a search engine and you will be able to access their personal data to interact with them 

Offer a personalized experience

Trainingym Booking helps you make better decisions and give your clients a service tailored to their needs.


Get Trainingym Booking now!