We are in the middle of a revolution, want to join us?

A worldwide technological revolution that helps everyone to have a more active and healthy life 

Since 2011 being a coach of sports centers

Trainingym is not just a software, it's a path of improvement. We want to help gyms and people to progress, to overcome personal, physical and financial challenges.  


How? through our knowledge, experience and tools. So that all fitness centers can continue promoting the health and well-being of society. Now more than ever, it's time to stay connected to our customers and offer them unique value.  

A story that will make history


Trainingym was founded in Almeria (Spain) by Rafa Martos and Bernardo Hernandez, current CEO and CTO of the company, two non-conformists who wanted to improve productivity and customer experience in gyms 

Just 5 years later, more than 800 gyms in 11 countries were already relying on Trainingym. The company kept growing, as well as its staff and the investors interested in the company 

After opening international offices and adapting to the new needs of gyms due to COVID-19, Trainingym faces its 10 years with more than 1200 gyms in 21 countries and a very promising future ahead.   




of afterwork each year


delicious tacos every week

People with heart who want to eat the world.

There is only one indispensable requirement to belong to Trainingym: to be a good person. That's why our team is made up of wonderful people, who shine both inside and out and are not afraid of challenges.  

We take personal and professional growth very seriously through seminars, workshops and training sessions.  

But, above all, we want to feel happy within the company. Together we choose our values, what we are and where we want to go.  

Join our revolution

At Trainingym you will be part of an excellent team, you will develop your professional career and work on an innovative product 


Trainingym Almería

Our headquarters and where it all began. The magic leaves here and travels to our customers.


Trainingym Mexico City

And from here, we offer a familiar and personalized service to all of our LATAM customers.