Do you know the three keys to the success of your gym?

Gym, you have found the place you were looking for. Here, we explain how Trainingym will help you to acquire members, gain their loyalty and increase the earnings of your center.

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Customer acquisition

Attract the highest possible quantity and quality of customers to your gym. Reach them via different channels and make an impact with your service.

  • Obtain a database of potential customers.
  • Attract them and turn them into users.


A loyal customer prolongs their length of stay at the gym by up to 50%. Let’s get to it!

  • Guarantee them total security and monitor attendance.
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative analyses of the performance of your business.
  • Create a unique user experience via personalized communications.


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Increase earnings

And without having to raise members’ fees. Offer them a service adjusted to their needs and the numbers will speak for themselves. 

  • Segment your client base according to their characteristics.
  • Sell products and services via your app so that spending increases.

And all of this, also from your personalized app

Reinforce your brand with the design of a personalized interface and improve your customers’ experience. You will be able to provide more comfortable access to your services and open direct communication channels with customers.

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Trainingym facilitates the development of processes, the planning of resources and favors interactions, increasing customer loyalty.

Aurelio Aragonés
Director, BeOne Boadilla
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Trainignym is a powerful tool that has allowed us to generate numerous conversions of potential customers into active customers.

Boris Tapia
Manager, SportClub
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Trainignym is an important customer retention enhancer and the perfect tool for both trainers and management.

Amando Zamora
Sports dir., Club Alpha

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