Create training workouts that combine group activities, sports and personalized workouts.

No limits!

, your clients are demanding a new way of training and you need to update your services. Do it with Trainingym!

Create your own exercises from scratch

Can't find that exercise in our app? No problem! Now you can upload your video, name it and assign it to your clients' workouts -- add as many as you want!   


Versatility for WODs

You've got your exercises... it's time to design the WOD! Create sets, supersets or circuits with our new, more intuitive interface. Trainingym now allows you to create independent sessions that you can save as a template.   

Infinite training customization options

You can combine your center's guided activities, virtual classes, workout routines and sports in your clients' weekly schedule. Organize the 7 days, assign it to one or several clients and enjoy!  


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