You get clients, your clients earn points and the points turn into rewards: we present Trainingym Rewards

The customer and employee loyalty program you want to have in your fitness business. , open your door to gamification 

Build customer loyalty

, did you know that 8 out of 10 clients in the fitness industry come through recommendations from friends or family? That's why your clients will earn points every time they bring a referral. They will also get points for doing training sessions, in person or at home, or for rating the center's activities 


Your employees will be more motivated than ever

Want to keep your staff energized?Now they can get points for completing tasks, for good scores on their activities or for assigning new routines to clients.   

It's reward time!

Now, your clients and staff can redeem their points for rewards of your choice, such as merchandise or a free nutrition voucher. You manage the rewards and Trainingym's software helps you control inventory so you don't mess up. 


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