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I am a personal trainer

Hello personal trainer! At Trainingym we know that managing your business on your own is not an easy task. Besides, we know that you don't have enough time in the day to attend all your clients, you spend all day stuck with your smartphone!

With Trainingym, gain quality of life, boost your business and take it to the top of success. Shall we start?

I am a fitness studio

Hello fitness studio! If your goal is to succeed in the fitness industry, with Trainingym you will achieve it. We know that managing a business is complex, having everything organized, updated and accessible is not always possible. However, with Trainingym... it becomes easier!

We want to help you with everything related to your studio: class management, new clients, schedules, payments... Are you in?

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Im a box

Hello crossfit box! We'd love to help you organize your classes, clients and, above all, make all the WODs you create accessible through a fully customized app or website.

Would you like us to give you a hand?

I am a gym

Hello gym! We know that running a fitness business of this magnitude requires a great deal of organization. Thanks to Trainingym, you can have everything under control, from client registration to employee schedules.

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I am a chain

Hello chain! At Trainingym we know the fitness industry, that's why we know that managing different gym locations is not easy. Thanks to our management software, you will be able to organize everything that happens in each of the locations, centralized and without worries.

We know how to help you, are you ready?

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