Attract up to x8 times more easily and effectively

Negocio fitness,reach 100% of your clients and customers thanks to the versatility of our marketing and communication tools


Automated and personalized SMS

Negocio fitness, did you know that 98% of SMS messages are read and 90% are read within 3 minutes of being received? This gives us a very high effectiveness compared to other channels.    

Customers without email? No app? No problem!  

88% of customers have a cell phone, which ensures that we can reach the vast majority despite the limitations that may exist.    

Just for being a Trainingym client, you will have 100 messages each month, and you can accumulate for the next month the ones you don't use. And if you want to increase the monthly number of messages, we have the best rate for you. 

500 messages / month

  • 20€ per month

1000 messages / month

  • 37,5€ per month

Customized fee

  • 0,035€ per message

Push notifications

Negocio fitness, did you know that all those clients who have installed the app of your fitness business can receive automatic and fully customized notifications?  

From Trainingym Manager, you can send push notifications to your clients to communicate with them.  

You no longer need to go out of your way to reach them. This information will appear in full on the lock screen of their smartphones. And you can send as many notifications as you want.  


Email marketing

Negocio fitness, are you tired of having to use a lot of different platforms to communicate with your clients?  

From Trainingym Manager you can send emails to your clients, either individually or in massive form, without the need to use third party apps. In addition, you will be able to send unique emails to an exclusive segment of clients.  

With the "mass mailing" option, you will be able to reach all the databases you want, from your active partners to potential clients you want to attract to your business! 



Customizable ads on your fitness App

Negocio fitness, having a fitness app for your fitness business... it's the coolest thing! But, if you can also launch ads directly from the app, it's even better!  

Need to promote a new service, a new workout, or some interesting news? Advertise it ALL through your app and reach all your customers instantly.  



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