Your clients pay the way you want... and you control everything at a glance!

, thanks to Trainingym's new payment module, keep track of your payments without worrying about it! And no matter if they pay by cash, card or Bizum...

Your payments easier than ever

Do you have customers who pay in cash, others by bank remittance, others by card and others with Bizum? Your client will pay you however you decide and Trainingym will make it easy for you to record these payments 


See you later fees and commissions

Quickly access the list of clients to see who is pending and keep your payments up to date. Forget about bank fees!  

It's as simple as that

,ou can charge the fee the way you want, find the customer in the Manager and validate the payment. Quickly access the customer list to see who is outstanding and keep your collections up to date. 


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