Hey, ! You don't have to take care of your clients' diets anymore, we do it for you!

With Trainingym's automated dieting service, your clients will be able to set up their meal plans and keep track of them on their own.  

100% automated meal plans for your clients

You no longer have to spend hours and hours making meal plans for your clients, with this service they are automatically configured according to their needs and physical characteristics 

Endorsed by a team of nutritionists

The entire service is endorsed by a team of diverse professional nutritionists with years of experience behind them. Your clients are in good hands 


Increase your profits

You can include this service in your client's monthly fee or charge it as an extra service, it is up to you, negocio fitness! 

What does this service offer?

Personalized recommendations
Depending on the client's goals and physical characteristics, we will recommend one type of diet or another.   
Calorie and nutrient counter
Your client will be able to keep a count of the nutrients and calories consumed from all meals of the day. And keep a weekly or monthly count.   
Diet adaptations
Don't like salad? Substitute something of similar nutritional value. Your client has full control to adapt the meal plan to his or her liking.   
Hundreds and hundreds of recipes

From the simplest to the most sophisticated. All of them available to your customers from day one.

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