The solution that will help you to build customer loyalty and get long-lasting customers

Stop losing new clients during their first months in your business! With Trainingym's Virtual Coach your clients start, try your services and create a training habit that will make them stay with you.   

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Identify new clients with the highest risk of churn

Thanks to an automated questionnaire, you will be able to detect which clients are most at risk of dropping out and dedicate your efforts to them 

Your goal: building new habits

The key to customer loyalty lies in follow-up. That's why, with the Virtual Coach, you can create an automated follow-up system to create a fitness habit for your customers so that they never leave your business 


Earn more money for every client

As your clients and their motivation increase, so will their loyalty to your business. That will then be the time to offer them new related services and increase their average ticket.  

Your customer has the power

The Virtual Coach will guide your customer on the main actions to achieve a habit. This way your client will decide when and with whom the appointment will be assigned, what activity to do and how to develop it 


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