Would you like your clients to stay with you longer?   

Negocio fitness, thanks to Trainingym Balance weighing scales and body composition records, now it''s possible


Still not familiar with the Trainingym Balance scales?

Negocio fitness, if you are one of those who want to offer the best experience to your customers, so that they are happy and want to stay longer with you, this is for you.  

Would you like your clients to be able to track their progress and reach their goals? Make it easy with this smart body analysis scale.  

It will also allow them to synchronize all their information with your personalized app, so their satisfaction will improve and they will want to stay longer with you.  

69,90 €/ud. + IVA (Spain).



Body composition tracker

Negocio fitness, with Trainingym, you will be able to record the body composition of your clients. They will see all the results and their evolution over time through the app for your fitness business.  

How do you record body composition? You have the option to do it manually. But we want to help you save time, and help your business offer the best.  

Thanks to the Trainingym Balance scale, it's as simple as this: Your customer steps on the scale and, automatically, in three seconds, they can see their body composition and weight in your fitness business app: height, muscle mass, fat mass, liquids...  


Get the most out of it!

The Trainingym Balance scale and body composition tracker are definitely the perfect complement for your clients to stay with you longer, as they can monitor their progress and reach their goals.  

Thanks to Trainingym's automated diets, your clients will be able to follow a healthy diet, the ideal ally to reach that longed-for goal. Would you like to know more about this nutrition service? Take a look at it!  

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