Automated training routines,  fully customized and available on your business app?

Negocio fitness,with Trainingym it is now possible, and even more! You will also be able to customize your workout videos. 

Make the difference and offer your clients the highest quality.

Automated training routines, fully customized and available on your business app? Yessssss!  

Plus, thanks to Trainingym, you can offer fully customized workouts to your clients so they have the best workouts in the fitness industry!  

Save time, provide the best experience and make your clients happier by offering them the highest quality so they stay with you, we have what you need!  



100% customizable routines and exercises to your needs!

Negocio fitness, from Trainingym Manager, you will be able to create the routines from start to finish: Description, goal, duration, intensity...  


In the editor you will find a list of all the exercises available to create the routine. Trainingym offers you more than 3,000... But you will also have the possibility to create your own 100% customized exercises!  

Create the exercise, give it the name and description you want and upload your image or video. You will be able to configure any kind of detail, for example, if it is an exercise with or without material. Once you have created it, you can assign it to as many training routines as you want!  




Save time, offer the best experience and make your clients happier!

If you don't have time to generate workouts, don't worry, you have the option to instantly generate automatic workouts for your clients, and Trainingym will do it for you! In addition, you can give your customer the possibility to self-assign the routines from your app.  

Customize your routines and exercises beforehand from Trainingym Manager. Your clients will be able to see and use all these exercises through the personalized app of your fitness business, right away! 

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