Take your fitness studio to the next level

Estudio, we offer you everything you need to grow your clients and services, strengthen your brand and boost your business

Your time is money, don't waste it!

Tired of wasting so much time managing your fitness studio? Go for automation and invest it efficiently 

✔︎  Your clients will be able to book classes directly from your app without having to talk to anyone

✔︎ Offer virtual, pre-recorded lessons and get paid for it! 

✔︎  Personalized and automated workouts

✔︎  Sell through your own personalized website.

Getting new customers just got a whole lot easier!

We know that getting new customers is no easy task, however, thanks to Trainingym, it will be much easier 

✔︎   Start attracting new customers through your own personalized website  with integrated payments.

✔︎  With marketing and communication tools, you can reach all those corners you thought impossible (SMS service, email campaigns, app ads...). 

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Would you like to increase your monthly income? Earn more money with Trainingym!

Make it easy for your customers, show them all your potential and give them a taste of what your studio has to offer... and Trainingym will take care of the rest 

✔︎  With your own personalized website, your client can pay directly.

✔︎ Offer them real tracking, with our body composition records y nutrition service.

✔︎ Virtual classes are here to stay! Publish your personalized classes and get paid for them

Make sure your clients not only don't quit, but that they never want to leave you!

If you would like to reduce the number of people leaving your fitness studio, give your clients a reason to stay with you longer 

✔︎ Design customized and automated workout routines with over 3,000 available exercises, and personalize your own workouts too

✔︎ Provide your clients with personalized tracking and weight management thanks to Trainingym Balance

✔︎ Run marketing campaigns to prevent churn, offer them valuable content and stop them from leaving 


Strengthen your brand, and make it shine!

Nowadays it is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition, so we help you strengthen your fitness studio's brand to stand out from the rest 

✔︎ We offer you the possibility of having your own fully customized app so that your clients can book classes, check their body composition... 

✔︎ Having a personalized branded website, through which you can offer all your services... is essential

✔︎ From now on, all the workouts you do for your clients can be personalized with the corporate videos of your fitness studio 


Choose the plan that best suits your business and discover all its possibilities 

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