If personal training is your passion, you will find everything you need for success here

Trainer, If personal training is your passion, you will find everything you need for success here

Sell 24/7

There are no more limits! With the new Trainingym Easy sales approach, you will triple your earnings without working any more than you normally do:

  • Automated sales at no extra cost
  • Extra sales through premium content
  • Generation of a database of potential customers

Increase your monthly income

Stop chasing after your customers hoping for payment and increase your income in a single click:

  • Customers pay automatically every month
  • Just like that, manage to increase your earnings by 30%
  • Avoid conflictive or uncomfortable situations
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Automate your agenda, appointments and bookings

Are you tired of losing so much time managing your timetable? Get behind automation and invest your time more efficiently:

  • Gain in autonomy and independence
  • Book appointments and send reminders in a totally automated way
  • Plan the week ahead of time and, in this way, get the most out of your timetable and earn more

Increase customer loyalty

Would you like to reduce the number of customers you lose? Get your customers to spend more time with you and manage to increase your online services:

  • Design personalized training plans from more than 3,000 available exercises
  • Increase your earnings thanks to nutrition services: diets backed by nutritionists in just three clicks
  • Take your customers through a personalized follow-up and weight control thanks to Trainingym Balance

Improve communication with customers via the app

You have at your fingertips a customizable app that greatly improves the experience of your customers, providing more comfortable access to your services. Direct channels of communication with those who need you most.

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Trainignym is a powerful tool that has allowed us to generate numerous conversions from potential clients into active clients

Boris Tapia
SportClub Manager
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Trainingym facilitates the development of processes, resource planning and favors interactions, increasing customer loyalty.

Aurelio Aragonés
BeOne Boadilla Director
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Trainignym is a major customer retention enhancer as well as the perfect tool for both coaches and management.

Amando Zamora
Club Alpha Director

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